Gesztenye püré | Chestnut puree

Ok, I can't resist in posting this one, because to be REALLY honest, I really like this dessert very much!

1 1/2 pounds chestnuts
milk as needed
3/4 to 1 cup sugar
1/4 cup water
1 tsp. vanilla
rum to taste
1 pint whipping cream for topping

Put chestnuts in a large saucepan and cover with water. Boil for 10
minutes. Remove outer and inner peel from chestnuts. Take only a few out of the water at a time as they are easier to peel when warm.
*Tip: Cut the nuts in half and scoop out the meat with a nut pick.

Put the chestnut content into a saucepan, cover with milk and simmer until the chestnut is soft enough to easily mash and the milk is absorbed.

Press the chestnuts through a sieve (though you might also try a food

Boil the sugar and water to make a thick syrup (don't brown).

Immediately add to the chestnuts and cool. Add only enough liquid so that the chestnuts can be put through a potato ricer and still hold their shape.

Add the vanilla and rum. The rum suggested here is called "Stroh" and it is from Austria. Technically, it is a "tea rum" with an incredible butterscotch-like aroma and flavor.

Put the chilled mixture through the potato ricer, making a small mound in the center of individual dessert plates. Top with the whipped cream. Sweeten my whipped cream slightly and add a bit of vanilla too. You should balance the sweetness of the whipped cream to act as a counterpoint to the chestnut puree (i.e. sweeter puree = less sweet whipped cream, less sweet puree = sweeter whipped cream). The lightness of the whipped cream will also cut the incredible richness of the puree.

Enjoy! :D

Deelish Easter Bento

Originally uploaded by Tami_Moore

Today Deelish Recipes feature for Easter is this Ham and Cheese Bunny sandwich bento. It has edible grass that looks pink and three chocolate eggs, clementine and kiwi. The pastas are easter shapes. Also you can find some orange and yellow carrots.

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