Savanyusag: csemege uborka | Hungarian Pickled Cucumber

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The summer meat dishes for Hungarian are not to be missed without the Hungarian Summer Pickles such as the cucumber.

It takes about 10 minutes to prepare this pickle.

The ingredients include 3- to 5-inch pickling cucumbers
  • 1 tablespoon pickling salt or kosher salt
  • 2 tablespoons white vinegar
  • 1 fresh head and 1 frond of dill
  • About 2 cups water
Simply wash the cucumbers, and remove the blossom ends. Using a knife, slit the cucumbers through lengthwise just short of the end, so they are still attached.

Place pickling salt or kosher salt, vinegar, and dill into a narrow-mouth quart jar. Pack cucumbers tightly into jar so they are not floating, leaving 1 inch space. Pour in water to cover and cap the jar with a nonreactive lid.

Place the jar outside in the sun or in a sunny window. Bring the jar in at night. Within 3 days, you should see tiny bubbles, indicating the cucumbers are fermenting. When the tiny bubbles have stopped rising (around 5 days), place in refrigerator. They will keep about 2 weeks, refrigerated. Enjoy!

Cake Appetizers | Gâteaux apéritifs

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Cake appetizers are not just exquisite starters, they are worthy of your most important dinner or celebration. It usually includes caviar, canapes, chicken liver pate, mini potato pancakes with gravlax, cheese straws or even smoked salmon cake.

Deep Fried Breadcrumb Chicken Breast (Hungarian)

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1. Sprinkle salt and pinch of pepper to the chicken breast meat
2. Leave it on to season it for 10 minutes.
*2.1. Sometimes, flour is added at this point too.

3. Dip in to one beaten egg.
4. Coat with breadcrumbs.

5. Deep fry in sunflower oil at 180°C/350°F.
6. Serve chicken with fried parsley and whipped potatoes.
7. Serve with tartar sauce.
8. Optional garnishes: cherry tomatoes and lettuce
9. Enjoy! :D

Armenian Food: Dolma Recipe

Armenian khorovats mix

Armenian Food: Dolma Recipe
Armenia is an ancient nation and has long-standing cuisine. To some extent there is present a synthesis of regional cuisines in Armenian dishes. It uses great variety of greens and spices: basil, tarragon, dill, mint, parsley, cumin, paprika, coriander, cinnamon, sumac, garlic, etc.; vegetables, fruits, crops (particularly cracked wheat, lentil), and of course fish and meat: beef, lamb, pork, and chicken. In the article you will find more information about national Armenian food, picnic food ideas, and the dolma recipe.

Among the key cooking techniques of Armenian food preparation with meat is mincing, frothing, stuffing, and other. Eggplants, bell pepper, tomato, onion, and grape leaves are widely in use. Also traditional are pickled vegetables. In spring there is a great variety of fresh plants and sprouts available on the market in Armenia. This wholesome spring products are used in snacks, pastry, salads, and soups. Armenian national bread is lavash which is a sort of flat breads. Armenian food is flavorous, not spicy and prepared with fresh products of good quality.

As concerns picnics the nation has its long-standing tradition of enjoying meals al fresco. Shashlik, kebab, grilled veggies: tomato, pepper, and eggplants, together with fresh greens and onion, and lavash – is a typical Armenian picnic food. There are several special sauces for vegetable, meat, or fish meals; delicious desserts and dried fruits (also stuffed with nuts). As a healthy and refreshing drink here you will find tan – sour yogurt with added salt and diluted with cold water. But do not try to prepare the drink yourself as yoghurt in mountainous Armenia greatly differs from typical yogurt found elsewhere. As for the alcohol drinks, Armenia is famous for its original brandy. The country produces grape, peach, pomegranate and other wines. Although the wines are delicious Armenians just enjoys a glass or two in a good company.

Below please find a dolma recipe – which is one of the most traditional Armenian food.

Dolma is Armenian food meaning meat stuffed vegetables or grape leave rolls with meat. Preparation time 30-40 minutes, cooking time: 1.5-2 hours; yields a good batch of rolls.  Be patient rolling the meal is rewarding!

500g meat mince (lamb, beef, or 1:1 beef and pork)
500g grape leaves (fresh or pickled)
1 tbsp rice
3 onions
3 tomatoes
50g tomato paste
50g lemon juice (optional)
3 cloves of garlic
150-200g sour yoghurt (matsyn)
coriander, parsley, basil
seasoning: salt, black pepper

Rinse raw rice, soak in hot water for 10 minutes. Add finely chopped onions, tomatoes, and greens, soaked and rinsed rice, tomato paste, lemon juice to the mince; season with salt and pepper to taste. Stir till well incorporated.

Lay grape leaves shiny side down. Spoon the mince on one side and roll each leave carefully closing all sides. Place the rolls in a heavy-bottom saucepan in even layers (you may spread a couple of leaves on the bottom to prevent sticking). If needed add some salt and tomato paste. When done cover with a saucer, add boiling water 0.5 inch above it. Cook over low heat for 1-1.5 hours. Allow to rest 30 mins before serving. Serve with yoghurt mix of grated garlic and salt.  

Green Curry (Thai)

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Green Curry is one of my favourite curry. Do not be misled by the colour of the curry thinking it is not spicy, because it is!

Green Curry Paste,
Beef or chicken sliced to bite size,
Coconut milk,
Eggplant, sweet basil leaves, kaffir lime leaves and hot chilli

Watch the video recipe for the steps:

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