Dodolle (Hungarian)

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Do not underestimate the look of this food. It is a traditional food and it is 'Very Hungarian'! I love it. Although it is quite heavy, I love the taste. Imagine onions and sour cream combination on can't go wrong on this.

sour cream

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Virsli (Sausages)

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The Hungarians called these Frankfurters 'Virsli'. Besides boiling it in water, there are other ways to cook it. In this photo, it was fried in oil. That's all. Horse radish is the dipping sauce to go with virsli, but some people prefer the mustard. For me, either Ketchup or mayonnaise is accompaniment.

Those virsli which are most commonly made from beef and pork are the Bécsi virsli where Bécsi means 'Viennese'. The first Bécsi virsli was made in 1805. In the Hungarian dish Lencsefőzelék, which is a lentils stew dish, traditionally eaten on New Year's eve, some families added virsli too.

There is also a belief that lentils resembles the 'coins' and it bears the symbolism of 'richness, wealth and money'. So that's why it is eaten on the New Years' Eve in Hungary.

Rablohus or Shashlik | Chicken Tikka Saslik

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So this is Shashlik. For Hungarians, it is called 'Rablóhús'. Shashlik is a form of Shish kebab popular throughout the former Soviet Union and Mongolia. These skewers of meat are either all meat, all fat, or alternating pieces of meat and fat. Meat for Shashlik (as opposed to other forms of Shish kebab) are usually marinated overnight in a high-acidity marinade like vinegar, dry wine or sour fruit/vegetable juice with the addition of herbs and spices. Congratulations to Tomi and Imre who answered correctly to this quiz with their answers on Facebook.


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