pastry PAUL

Spinach and Salmon Quiche


This is the first time I tried Quiche. To me, it tastes very cheesy and full of butter. Just right opposite the hotel which we stayed when we were in Brussels, is a 'PAUL' - La maison Paul. The impression it gave me is it is almost at every corner in western Europe (I saw it in Stockholm too!) PAUL is a French Family Bakery and Patisserie since 1889. They hold a certain pride in their baked products. At the airport, before departure, again I see this 'PAUL', finally together with Tamas, we ordered for ourselves Quiche lorraine :). He ordered two, and I had just this one with spinach and salmon. I know this photo doesn't do justice to the quality of its taste. I have checked the recipe for making a quiche. I think it is pretty easy. Will try it out someday. By the way, here is their story.

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