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Brieftons Spiral Slicer

Brieftons spiral slicer promotion

Designed to make raw vegetable "pastas" with ease from carrots, zucchinis and the like, the Brieftons Spiral Slicer is the perfect gadget for raw foodists.

From veggie spaghetti, easy stir fry, to fancy garnishes for the sushi plate, this spiral cutter makes it all child's play.

The Brieftons Spiral Slicer is ideal for making curly strands of firm vegetables/fruits, creating garlands of vegetables, making stunning salads and food preparations.

With included English manual and suggested recipes, you can start cooking your favorite vegie pasta dishes in no time.

This vegetable spiralizer is great for those following a low carb type diet, using vegetables instead of pasta/noodles. It is also great for fussy kids to try and make their vegetables more interesting.

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  1. Hello, just wondering if the brieftons spiral slicer is of good quality for cooking? I want to buy my own spiral slicer and I want it to be conventional and at the same time good quality and not
    that expensive. Aside from briefton, what other products you may refer? Thanks.

  2. I would think a mandolin slicer could be a next alternative too.


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