Canape With Lettuce Egg And Pepper.

Canape With Lettuce, Ham, Egg and Pepper


So let’s start off with some ideas on the combinations you can make with smoked salmon for canapés. Some examples: Witlof, potato rosti, cucumber, pikelets, lettuce, buckwheat pikelets, dill, asparagus salsa on crispbreads, avocado, cucumber cones, cream cheese rolls, lettuce cups, buckwheat blini, pesto tartlets, smetana, Celeriac latkes, avocado nori rolls, mini lime muffins. You can even make it into a Vichyssoise which is a thick soup and serve it cold as a tradition. This small hors d’oeuvre is not just decorative but easy to prepare. Today, we are featuring Canape With Lettuce, Ham, Egg and Pepper.

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