10 Shocking Weight-Loss Recipes That Taste So Good
If you’ve got a compelling argument for the indulgence level, I’d like to hear it.

+Bonus: Weight-loss Beverage receipe:
Weight loss Lemonade Detox

Other than salads, you can try to have a very delicious vegetable stew for the warm summer :)

·                *Lecsó - Vegetable Stew

Some cooking techniques that aid in weight-loss:
eg  Salmon:
·                Salmon - Pan Sear

Some commonly asked questions include "How to indulge in the food you love in a weight-loss regime?" 

So you want to lose weight. You also want to indulge in the food you love to eat. 

Can you really have your cake and eat it too? 

I believe you can!

Dieting is the abstinence from food. So it means you can abstain from eating some food. But what about those sinful dishes which you love? 

Here are some ideas to weight-loss:-

1. Writing It Down

Why writing down what you have eaten over the past week helps you to lose weight? Food diaries makes you eat 15% less food according to one study. This particular real good example was using a strict eating regimen and lost 130 pounds. 

25 year old Lucas Irwin used to weigh 300-pound. He keeps a food diary simply by writing down everything he ate for one year. 

He kept a food diary as a way to lose the 130 pounds in that one year. His parents were totally shocked to see him at the Christmas gathering.

2. Social media weight loss buddies
Get a buddy online to lose weight together. It was proven by researchers that an Internet-based weight maintenance program is more sustainable than a face-to-face buddy in a support group.

For Lucas, what also works amazingly was social media. He joined a community called ‘LoseIt’ on Reddit, post his progress and the community helped him with diet tips. 

3. Mantra
Self-fulfilling prophecy is the way it is. If you focus on positive thoughts like “I can lose 5 kg”. YOU CAN!

Lucas pledged himself on 28th Dec 2012. He gave himself one year for this problem which he had struggled for so many years.

4. Water
Drink water instead of soda or sugary softdrinks. The reason is sugary drinks don’t give you the sense of fullness like food.

5. Fewer bites or one less
Opt to eat less for the day. Try to eat fewer bites or drink one less orange juice.

6. Less TV
Instead of watching TV, go for a walk.

7. Scrubbing Clean Weekly
Scrub something real clean and do that once a week. You can clean the window, scrub the bathroom tile, wash your car, or even mop the whole floor area.

8. Feel the Physical hunger before you eat
Wait til your stomach rumbles then you eat. Most of the time, we eat out of frustration or boredom and this eating habits makes you gain unnecessary calories for binge eating.

How you can eat without guilt is when you know the equation of the calories intake and the calories spent. Do you know what kind of exercises are the best to go along with your diet? Which is the most effective way to continue eating the food you like?

Healthy Weight Level
Educate yourself. Be more aware about the health risks associated with excess weight: Diabetes, cardio vascular issues, kidney failure

Consider from genetics, metabolism, family history, food intake or behaviour

Adopt a healthy and active lifestyle

Carbohydrates make you fat is a myth. 
The truth is overconsumption of carbs makes you fat. Carbs does not make you fat if you consume the right amount consumed.

Don’t replace energy bar or processed foods with a regular meal. 
First of all energy bars do not have equivalent nutrients in vegetables, fruits, juice and natural food.

Have you seen a 222-pound woman losing 88-pound in one year? She is only 26 years old but in her weight loss time-lapse GIF, you can watch how her body transforms in five seconds. Her method was using a high-protein diet, moderate exercise and controlling how much she eats. She got a lot of media attention as well as those from the public, imagine 3 million views! Losing weight means a smaller waist, a bigger bustline, a smaller neckline. What is more important is the changes inside us, including our sense of self, metabolism and physiology.

Nadia is also another inspiration. She is from the Fat2FitOnFruit Channel and she gives tips on keeping her raw fruit haul fresh. She stressed that calories-restriction keep appearing in “different clothes” as part of her weight-loss.

One last tip: Watch Extreme Makeover Weight-loss edition for inspirations

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