Spicy Extra Soft Tofu Soup 순두부 찌개 (Korean)

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Main Ingredients:
1 Pack Extra Soft Tofu (SoonDuBu), ¼ Cup Beef (2oz), ¼ Cup Kimchi, ½ Pack Enokitake Mushroom, ⅓ Cup Zucchini, ½ Onion, 1 Green Onion, 1 Hot Pepper, 1 Egg

Beef Ingredients:
½ tsp Cooking Wine, ¼ tsp Soy Sauce, ¼ tsp Minced Garlic, 1 Pinch Black Pepper

Broth Ingredients:
10 Clams, 2½ Cups Water, 5 Pieces Kelp (1x 2 inch)

Seasoning Ingredients:
2 Tbsp Red Pepper Powder, 1 Tbsp Oil, ½ Tbsp Hot Pepper Oil, 1 Tbsp Soup Soy Sauce, ½ Tbsp Minced Garlic, Some Salt and Black Pepper

Yield: 2 Servings


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