Vorosboros marhaporkolt | Red Wine Beef Stew (Hungarian)

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1 kg shank, 
4 onions, 
6-8 cloves of garlic, 
500ml red wine, 
2 tomatoes, 
1 green pepper, 
1 beef stew cube , 
50g smoked bacon (szalonna), 
2-3 tbsp ground paprika powder, 
2 tsp salt, 
1 tsp pepper 
1 tsp cumin powder
3-5 bay leaves
Add the bacon into the pan, fry chopped onion, caramelize the onions.
Add meat when onion turns pale. 
Add the salt, pepper, paprika, tomatoes, green pepper, chopped garlic and beef stew cube. 
Add Red Wine and let it simmer on low heat until meat is tender.
Add the remaining paprika powder and sour cream as topping.
Serve with nokedli (dumplings) or spatzel or potatoes. It is delicious to eat with bread (baguette) too.


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