Cooking a Perfect Beef Pot Roast

Montana's Cookhouse

This is the YANKEE POT ROAST AND YORKSHIRE PUDDING - Tender slices of slow-roasted beef topped with beef gravy. Served with creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes and steamed vegetables.mmm...sounds really yummy since the temperature is falling these days. This is real comfort food!

Here's a video recipe of how to cook a Perfect Beef Pot Roast, enjoy!


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  1. I’ve made the Yankee Pot Roast before and it is great. I always make the pot roast with grass fed beef. I work with La Cense Beef and we raise 100% grass fed beef. Grass fed beef is healthier for you than traditional grain fed beef. It is higher in beta-carotene and omega 3 acids. It doesn’t get better than that!