Hungarian Honey Cakes | Christmas Special

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Here's a home recipe for the Hungarian Honey Cakes.

500 g flour
200 g lukewarm honey
2 eggs
200 g sugar (icing sugar)
1 coffee spoonful of baking soda
some piece of clove (cut into small pieces)
50 g margarin (or butter)

Ingredients for Decorations:
1 egg white
120-250 g sugar
Few drops of lemon juice

Add Flour and mix all ingredients together (exclude the decoration ingredients)

Then add more 100-200 g flour.

Knead it until it becomes a dough.

Then put it in the fridge overnight. (It is best when you prepare it in the evening and let it 'rest' overnight.)

Rolling and shaping:
Sprinkle some flour on the rolling board, then roll the dough with the rolling-pin.

You must roll the dough as thin as a match-stick.

Then you can cut it into the shapes you like.

Remember, the shape will change a little in the baking, so do not use small designs or shapes.

Use the back part of the girdle (sheet), and transfer the cake there.

Then put it into a very hot oven.

Wait til the cake is golden brown.

When it is ready, remove from baking sheet with a flexible knife (you have to do this when the cake is warm.)

To decorate:
Whisk the egg-white until it becomes frothy.

Put in the other ingredients for the decoration, and mix it until it thickens.

The creative part:
Put the mixture into a small bag.

Then cut a small hole at the corner of the bag.

It must be very small, then the decoration mixture can be squeezed out slowly and thinly, use it to make any decorations, patterns or wordings on the cake.

Enjoy! or add some nuts to make it into a three dimensional cosy Honey Cake House like in this video:-

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