Sweet Sweet Tooth

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Rose Ang who is my Chef friend, is opening her new dessert restaurant, Sweet Sweet Tooth in Singapore. For this special occasion, Deelish Recipes has conducted an interview with her. 

Deelish Recipes: Working between Greece and Switzerland, how do you manage your new business in Singapore?

Rose Ang: I have committed business partner and experience partner chef. We communicate through Skype and email daily to update progress.

Deelish Recipes: What was your idea and what do you imagine about this new dessert place you have set up?

Rose Ang: A place for all young and old to enjoy both Asian and western desserts at very reasonable prices.

Deelish Recipes: Comparing Singaporeans and Europeans, people are not as indulgent in sweets and desserts considering people in Asia to Europe, why did you choose to open a confectionary and not a restaurant?

Rose Ang: It is a dessert restaurant. Singaporeans like to hang out after meal, prefect place to enjoy coffee, desserts and sweets after meal.

Deelish Recipes: Are there special things that make your dessert restaurant an outstanding one in that area?

Rose Ang: We offer top quality restaurant desserts that are usually served only in fine dining restaurants. Now you can just enjoy the top desserts without the need to go to the top restaurants.

Deelish Recipes: Will you and your business partner invite Andy Lau to be the ambassador for reaching a wider Asian audience?

Rose Ang: If we have the opportunity, of course.....

Deelish Recipes: If you were to promote three of your products in the new shop to our readers, what will they be?

Rose Ang: Sticky Date Pudding, Chocolate Fondant with Green Tea Ice Cream, and Coconut Roll & Mango

Coconut Roll &

Sweet Sweet Tooth
Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard #B1-04 
Marina Square, Singapore 039594

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