Peppers and Tomatoes and the noteworthy Lard - Lecso

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A popular stew made from vegetables is the peppers and tomatoes stew called 'Lecsó'. Usually onions first fried til transparent before the juicy tomatoes are added.

Lecso made from lard or pig's fat has a special aroma. Sometimes, the lard can be substituted with bacon. Those who are health conscious might have the wrong perception about lard. These trans fatty acids is an alternative to hydrogenated oils nowadays. Lard is forty percent saturated fat as compared to coconut oil which is 85%. Palm kernel oil is also high, having 80%..

In fact, lard has 45% monounsaturated fat (MUFA). Fifty years of research proved that a diet with low saturated fat has no evidence of prolonging life. And most studies show that people who eat more animal fat has a better heart health. Just look at the Japanese, Eskimos, Greeks, Okinawans and the French. They really have low rates of hypertension, heart disease, and coronary problems.

That makes Lecso a very healthy dish in Hungary. Those paprika are so thin skinned if they are harvested in the special climate and region in the Hungarian soil. These lightly yellow coloured paprika are not spicy but sweet. It is a dish that is very rich in vitamins and a great remedy for colds and flu.

Here you can see the recipe.

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