Buddha Jumps over the Wall 佛跳墙 | Cantonese

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The first pot of delicious and nutritious homemade Chinese soup was made when I was 17. I loved double boiled Chinese soups such as sharks' fin soup, they're so delicious.

To increase the repertoire of Chinese soups in the DeelishRecipes' collections, I've chosen the Buddha Jumps over the Wall. Funny name? Well, this 佛跳墙 fo tiao qiang is a Cantonese and Fujian cuisine has been regarded as a Chinese delicacy due to its rich taste. It uses various high-quality ingredients and the way to cook it is very special too.

This is a soup that is high in calcium and protein. Some people specially order it at restaurants to celebrate Mother's day or birthdays. As a Chinese, we have homemade Chinese soups at our dinner table all the time. There are many health benefits of drinking Chinese soups, some even lose weight just having cabbage soup. My grandmother has a way to make it tastes really sweet and heartwarming. She added my favourite sea-cucumber all the time. We have it even for the Chinese New Year as part of the reunion dinner.

I love to explore the different cooking techniques and types of Chinese soup pots. No Chinese will not know about these famous soups, namely wonton soup, Chinese congee, hot and sour soups and egg drop soups.

The common Chinese soup ingredients are lotus root, chicken, Chinese herbs, and tofu. As for Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, the soup or stew consists of many ingredients of non-vegetarian origin and requires one to two full days to prepare. Its ingredients includes quail eggs, bamboo shoots, scallops, sea cucumber, abalone, shark fin, chicken, Jinhua ham, pork tendon, ginseng, mushrooms, and taro.

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