Bakfickan, The Hip Pocket, Swedish Meatballs with Potato Puree and Lingonberries sauce (Stockholm, Sweden)

Swedish Meatballs with Potato Puree and Lingonberries sauce

I made this today for our Saturday lunch. It is my first attempt after I tried the very delicious Swedish Meatballs in Stockholm. The restaurant's service was not the best as the waitresses were 'making faces'. But definitely the food was really good. My chef friend said most likely it is an 'institutional' type of restaurant as they do not care if you like their service knowing that you will come back for its good food anyway. Bakfickan at Jakobs Torg 12, The Royal Opera House. Sometimes it is called 'The Hip Pocket'. Eating at the counter was kind of an experience in this small intimate counter restaurant. The prices are on the high side but the food quality indeed impressed us!

This is the video recipe


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  1. Oh my goodness that looks good. I'm off to watch the video.