Molnar's kurtoskalacs (Hungarian/Budapest)

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This is a cafe where you can find not just ice cream in Budapest but you can also eat here the famous kürtőskalács which is a 'must-try' if you are here in Hungary/Budapest. In the fifth district of Budapest, Váci Street 31, the chimney cake or kürtőskalács, is one of the oldest Hungarian pastry and appears exactly like a chimney. But be warned as it is an addictive Hungarian pastry which is baked using a tapered cylindrical spit, and over an open fire to get a fresh and delicious texture. In carnivals and fairs, you can find them at rather expensive prices nowadays. One recommended flavour is cinnamon. Some people also like it topped with almonds or walnuts and sugar. When it is ready, the sugar is caramelized on the yeast-raised dough's surface thus a sweet crispy crust.

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