Delish Winter Recipe Recommendations

by - 10:17 AM

Photo: flickr/vauvau

Winter is coming. One dish that I really enjoy is Beef Stew. Who doesn't like Beef Stew? :)

Besides, it is not really difficult to make a good yummy beef stew. With about 2 kg of beef, adding about 1 and a half cups of diced carrots, 2 tablespoon of salt, one small onions sliced, pepper (as much as you like:)), three large potatoes in dices or slices (whichever you prefer), and some turnips. Not every time I would add turnips, at most times, I add paprika, but I supposed that is how you can achieve a sweet taste. Some people also put in flour, but I think the starchy texture comes naturally from the addition of potatoes also. The most important part of the cooking of a good beef stew I supposed is the timing and temperature. Make sure you serve this heavenly dish after 2 hours of simmering :) on dumplings.

This recipe serves eight. Enjoy!

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