Turo Gomboc Cottage Cheese Balls (Hungarian)

by - 6:13 AM

I have been living in Hungary for almost six years and this is the first attempt at making this very delicious Cottage Cheese dessert. This is one of the most craved item during my pregnancy and one of the best news is that, Cottage Cheese is a very healthy food for pregnant ladies! :) The recipe is simple as I am making the Hungarian ones and the following is how I made it today:

Cottage Cheese (2 packets)
Semolina flour
Egg Yorks (3 big ones)
Egg Whites (Whisk it til fluffy and peak)

For the coating:

Tejfol (Sour Cream)
Icing Sugar (Powder Sugar)


  1. Mix Cottage Cheese with Semolina Flour. Add in Egg York. Fold in the Egg White.
  2. Wet your hand and palms, roll the mixture into round balls.
  3. Prepare a pot of hot boiling water.
  4. Drop them into the water one by one. They are cooked when they starts to float on the water.
  5. Concurrently, on a non-stick pan, melt some butter and pour in bread crumbs. Brown the bread crumbs til golden brown.
  6. Transfer the floating balls out from the boiling water and coat them with the golden brown bread crumbs.
  7. Mix icing sugar into the sour cream and stir.
  8. Drizzle onto the ready Cottage Cheese Balls and serve.

Optional garnish: Sieve some icing sugar before serving. Enjoy!

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