Pork Knuckle Happy Call Csülök (European)

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This dish became one of my favourite after living sometime in Hungary. When I was in Singapore, I didn't used to 'to know' how to appreciate this dish. To me, this dish was totally fatty, very sinful after eating. Now, it is not the same.

Csülök is how they called it in Hungarian. 

I made this today simply with two spices: cloves (szegfűszeg in Hungarian) and garlic powder. With a fresh pork knuckle is enough to give it good flavour, but of course add a pinch of salt to top it off. Leave them in the HappyCall pan, simmer it until tender. That's it. Just such a pleasure and satisfying to eat it in the winter cold season.

Following is a video of Csülök, a Hungarian (Eastern European) recipe.

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