Red Wine Sauce

by - 12:45 PM


Red wine sauce makes an ideal partner for all red meat. To enjoy it at its best however, you need to serve it over a good steak. To serve two people, with healthy appetites, you will need.

2x 7oz Rump steak
1x tbsn Olive Oil
2x Diced Shallots
100ml Beef Stock
Salt & Pepper
½ a Glass of Red Wine (I used a Californian Merlot)

1x Diced garlic clove & Balsamic Vinegar

Sweat the shallots and, if you prefer, garlic in olive oil. When the shallots are done, add the red wine and let it reduce. Once it becomes thick and syrupy, add the beef stock and let simmer while you turn your attention to the steak.

Tenderise the steak and cut into two portions. Generously season with olive oil and pepper before laying on a hot griddle pan. Cook for between 3-5 minutes depending on how well you like it doing, for red wine sauce try slightly undercooking for maximum flavour. Remember to only turn once to keep all the taste juices locked in. Remove any excess fat from the steak and rest on a warm plate. Add any remaining juices to the sauce along any salt, pepper or balsamic vinegar you feel it needs. Generously drizzle the sauce of the steak and you’re ready to enjoy.

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