Kaiseki 懐石料理 (Japanese)


One Kaiseki 懐石料理 (Japanese) dinner can consist from possibly 6 to 15 different kinds of food.  
"shiizakana" (appetizers served with Japanese sake)
"mukouzuke" (sashimi - slices of raw fish)
"kuchitori" (a small side dish)
"suimono" (a soup)
"nimono" (simmered vegetables)
"aemono" (food dressed with sauce)
"kounomono" (Japanese pickles)
"hassun" (food from the mountains and the sea)
"sunomono" (food marinated in  vinegar)
"yakimono" (grilled fish)
"mushimono" (steamed food) 
"nabemono" (Japanese hot pot)
miso soup

The kind of food served will change according to the different months, seasons and what is freshly available at the local market. It is also depends on the area. 


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