American Chef Richard Rosendale Siphon

by - 1:48 AM

Whether you like to use it for your coffee, or your herbal tea, this special siphon is great even for broths! The making of coffee using the coffee siphon is with vacuum and vapor pressure. It is really amazing to produce the best rich and fragrant brew with this process. Irregardless if it is herbal teas or broths, it works perfectly to give the best quality eventually. It was no wonder why it was also been used by world renown American Chef Richard Rosendale (Certified Master Chef) at the international cooking competition, the Bocuse d'Or in France. 

Some people might have wonder how siphons work to produce this great clear brew. It is the pushing action and the changing pressure in the vessels. In details, this product consist of the Yama 3 Cup Tabletop Vac Pot Siphon. You will find an alcohol burner that is used to boil the water. It also acts as a warmer and to activate the brewing itself. Besides its ability to infuse liquids, is also functions well like a visual treat to your guests. In 1830, the inventor Loeff of Berlin contributed to the wide spread usage of this device. Since you can even make broths in it, you can infuse herbs, dehydrated liquids, dried vegetables and even spices. What that means is, it is really up to your creativity. Just you know that each cup equals to about four ounces. Get one now for your next home party or event. Here to order:

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