Cheese Knives

by - 12:57 PM

A stylish way to present cheese as part of entertaining your guests is owning a set of cheese knives set with the cutting board. Ever wonder how those holes in soft cheese knife helps when cutting them? Basically it stops the soft cheese to adhere to the blade as you slide the knife through them. It has a special tip to help you serve out the cut pieces on the board. Cheese knife from Scanpan brand is so confident that their products are so awesome that it comes with a ten year warranty. Nothing beats this hi-function, durable and high quality set of product which you get uncompromised high-grade German stainless steel knifes. 

The products are individually Rockwell hardness tested. They make sure each and every knife adhere to strict standards which had been accurately tempered to and ideal hardness. The handle is ergonomically designed with a rubberised handle that ensure a secure grip and most of all with a trilobal design. I really find knifes with sharp tapered cutting edges important and making a great difference for classic usage. One thing for sure is the cutting of onions requires a sharp knife. In salads, the cutting of tomato also requires a good sharp knife. Fortunately, this Scanpan set comes with a 14cm cheese or tomato knife, one other 14cm soft cheese knife and a 40cm European Beechwood Cheese Board that you can use to serve directly. You can be guaranteed that these hot-drop forged blades will serve you well for a long long time. It is enough to just hand-wash it over running water despite it is dish-washer safe.

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