dee' Burger (by Zannnie)

by - 1:07 AM


Made these today, my first attempt for Burger. It was inspired by the 'House-burger' which I had on the first day when I arrived in Riga (Latvia) at a restaurant named 'Bite'. Ever since, I had been wondering how to make that meat patty, and along the way, seeking some advice from my Chef friend Rose. She suggested using bread for the meat. 

For this recipe, I've used breadcrumbs. It is similar to the Swedish meatballs but this burger tasted really good. Verdict from my husband was 12! (usually the score is 10, but this exceeded the 10, that delicious!) Think the dressing played a great part of the entire burger. A little secret: I used beer of 4.2% alcoholic content. The other elements in the dressing are diced shallots, minced garlic, honey and ketchup. For assembly, I lightly crisped the burger buns, so there are slight charred at its sides, added mayonnaise, lettuce, cocktail tomatoes, the grilled meat patty, sprinkled some gouda cheese shreds, mustard (if you like) and VIOLA! :)

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