Scone-like Pogacsa (Hungarian)

Scones Hungarian pogacsa

Using a yeast dough or short dough, you can make scones together with butter, eggs, milk, sour cream, the Hungarian way.  Sometimes, they are mini ones, topped with cheeses of various types. I particularly like those with pork crackling! Tepertő is the sinful addition, but it makes Pogacsa so special in taste and so addictive. You may also find other types like with poppy seeds, caraway seeds, garlic, sweet paprika, black pepper, sesame seeds, some even sunflower seeds. Even the sizes and consistency inside differs from place to place. Traditionally, Pogacsa is an appetiser or snack or finger food at parties, during small gatherings, meetings, discussions. Some people also eats it together with goulash.


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  1. Just thinking of my mother-in-law's fresh pogacsas from the oven makes my mouth water. They are so, so good.

    1. I can imagine how mouth-watering and delicious those freshly made ones must be, Catherine!! :)