BakKutTeh (Singaporean/Asian)

by - 4:24 AM


This is a Teochew soup. Comfort food. Rather one of my favourite soup made with pork ribs. Nowadays, there are premade spices sachets to just drop into a pot of water, add the washed ribs and an entire bulb of garlic, unpeeled. Season to taste at the end of the 1 hour simmering. The taste of the ribs is great when dipped into some dark soya sauce and chili padi. To be really honest, this soup goes just enough and well with Jasmine white rice. Nothing else.

There isn't really a secret recipe. I agree with this because this is a very down-to-earth good quality soup made with fresh Pork ribs, garlic peppercorns and patience.

This is a video about the history of Bak Kut Teh.

This is a video recipe.

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