Satay (Singaporean/Indonesian)

by - 6:05 AM

Skewered seasoned grilled meat, be it chicken, mutton, beef or pork. In Singapore, this is mostly a Malay food, so it is pretty rare to find pork satay. Satay is a national dish of Indonesia, and since we are neighbours, you can easily find delicious satay stalls in Singapore too. There are other variations of satay, for example the Japanese Yakitori, the Turkish Shish kebab, the Caucasian Shashlik, the South African Sosatie and the Chinese Chuan’r. The dipping sauce is a spicy peanut gravy next to slivers of onions, rice cakes (called ketupat) and cucumbers. The Indonesian uses a soy-based dip. The marinate of satay is the spice Turmeric which is why it is yellowish in colour.

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