Roti Prata Homemade

by - 11:52 PM

roti prata

The ingredients of Roti Prata are flour, melted ghee (or margarine), sugar, salt, condensed milk, oil to coat and cook the prata. The preparation of the dough is sifting flour and salt together. Rub ghee into flour, add water, sugar milk and knead for 15minutes til smooth soft dough is formed. Divide the dough into 10 tennis ball size portions, rub oil and let it rest. Next is work the ball into thin sheet, then make it flat and stretch it. Oil it often to prevent sticking, and finally flattening it after rolling it up. The final step is to fry it in oiled pan til brown spots appear and dough became crispy. You should also crush it with both hands on paper towel while it is still hot from the pan. Serve with a simple curry.

Following is a recipe video.

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