Bún Mắm - Bac 8 AUD8.50 - HTC Desire by avlxyz

After having a great Bún Mắm Sóc Trăng in the Mekong Delta, I was curious to see what the Aussie version was like. Julia's first reaction was that it was very fishy, like um rotten fish. Well, that's because that's what it was :P The Bún Mắm Sóc Trăng in the Mekong Delta had the same fermented undertones, but it was more subtle, due no doubt to the skill in balancing flavours. Otherwise, this noodle dish was good, with slippery soft rice noodles, fresh fillets of fish, blanched garlic chives and chunks of frozen prawn and squid. All the requisite toppings. --- A friendly little store with loads of fried foods in the bain marie. Deep fried tofu, sand whiting, chicken wings, they all looked crunchy and golden! Thanks to Rayson for uncovering this. I'd never ventured this way before :) Bac 8 03 9574 0988 Shop 8, 268-274 Springvale Rd Springvale VIC 3171 Open 7 days 8am-5:30pm http://flic.kr/p/8nibAi


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