Liang's Kitchen - Beef Noodle Soup by nicknamemiket

by - 1:42 AM

Beef Noodle Soup 牛肉面 -hand-pulled noodles, five spice broth Remarkable dish, and on many levels: Chinese noodles are, first and foremost, about the noodles. Liang's Kitchen does a phenomenal job - although clearly hand-made, noodles in this soup were uniform in thickness and texture - and beyond anything imaginable. Perfect and uniform thickness, just the right bite, soft enough but not mushy, chewy with a touch of a bite - no rubbery textures were as much as implied though. Is there such thing as a $6.50 masterpiece? Broth was outstanding too - seasoned just right, not too much but not shy on seasoning either. Beef was braised to perfection - just like my grandmother use to make, may be better. Notice, the soup was garnished with chopped pickled mustard greens - not something I have seen before, but a welcome and flavorful garnish nonetheless. Website:

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