Vegan Spicy Baked Cream Cheese Wontons

by - 4:21 AM

Filled with Tofutti vegan cream cheese, jalapeno, white pepper, scallions and garlic.

Served with sweet chili sauce.


-1 package Twin Marquis or Any (Vegan if necessary) premade Wonton sheets
-Tofutti cream cheese (I used 2 containers)
-White peppercorns and a mill (or black pepper in a pinch will do!)
-1 Jalapeno (chopped)
-2 Cloves of Garlic (minced)
-2 or 3 Scallions (green and white parts chopped)
-Salt (optional) Mix "cheese," jalapeno, garlic and scallions together well. Add salt and pepper to taste. Take 1 teaspoon of the mixture and add to each wonton wrapper that you fill. Wet your finger and dampen the 4 sides of the wonton square.

Fold 2 opposing corners and seal sides with your finger to create a triangle. The water will act as a glue. If you care to, fold the other 2 opposing corners to create a more intricate wonton, sealing corners with a damp finger. Preheat oven to 400˚ F - Lay wontons onto a greased cookie sheet. Brush or spray the wontons with olive oil or olive oil spray. Pop in oven for 7 minutes. Turn on broiler and set pan under broiler until desired crispness is achieved. Use your nose to make sure the bottoms do not burn. Take out when golden brown at the edges. Serve warm with sweet chili sauce.

Can be purchased at most supermarkets in the ethnic foods aisle or at your local Asian market - support family owned markets

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