The recipe

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And now the recipe, as requested. Let me start with a disclaimer. Pretty much every woman in Poland has a slightly different way of making pierogi (=dumplings). I'm going to tell you how I do it (and I learnt it from Granny). To be perfectly honest, nothing can beat my Granny's cooking ;P As for ingredients, you can use different amounts of them, depending how many dumplings you want to make. These here are for quite a lot of them (more than 50). Ingredients: 2 kg strawberries 3/4 kg flour 2 eggs about a half a cup of milk (room temperature) a pinch of salt thick cream sugar Directions: Wash the strawberries first, then remove the stems (if you remove the stems first, the strawberries will soak up water). Drain them so that they're as dry as possible (I put them on a paper towel after draining). Sift the flour, add the eggs and milk (make sure the milk isn't too cold). Knead the dough (it should be soft; add more milk if necessary). Roll it out (it should be about 3 - 4 millimetres thin). Cut out small circles (you can use a glass or a cup to do that). Put a strawberry inside each circle and make dumplings (if the strawberries are small and the dough isn't too thin, you can put 2 of them per circle, but make sure the dough doesn't tear!). When the dumplings are ready, put them into boiling water and stir, so that they don't stick to the bottom. Boil them for about 3 minutes after they surface. Wait until the dumplings cool down a bit. Add some sugar to the cream and put it on top of the dumplings (make sure they aren't hot anymore). And enjoy! :)

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