Two Urban Licks' Lemon Crab Fritters With Red Chile Jelly

Two Urban Licks' Lemon Crab Fritters With Red Chile Jelly

2005 Golden Whisk Awards
(Our top 10 recipes of the year)

From the menu of . . . Two Urban Licks
820 Ralph McGill Blvd., Atlanta

Q: My boyfriend and I recently enjoyed a fabulous meal at Two Urban Licks. We enjoyed everything we tried, but my boyfriend cannot stop talking about the Lemon Crab Fritters. I would love to make these for him.

- Devin Clydesdale, Atlanta

A: "The combination of the crab and lemon appeals to people; it's very friendly, it's very simple and clean, " said Two Urban Licks executive chef Scott Serpas about the appetizer he created when he wanted something light and refreshing to add to the menu.


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