In the Mood to Bake

by - 7:21 AM

Today's weather is quite gloomy so I decided to bake. The last time I baked was 5 years ago! I was delighted to find my oven is still working! Since my dad is diabetic, the version I baked is with less sugar than stated. Recipe for Pineapple Tarts Ingredients: The filling: 2400 g pineapple pulp – from 3 pineapples 400 g sugar (Change accordingly to your preference) (Can add cloves if you like) The pastry: 250 g butter 50 g sugar 375 g flour – sifted 1 no egg or 2 no egg yolks ½ tsp yellow coloring The Glaze: 1 no egg-yolks 2 drop yellow-coloring Method: The Filling: Drip the excess pineapple juice Cook the pineapple-pulp over low flame till almost dry. Add the sugar and continue cooking and stirring till golden brown The Pastry: Beat the butter, sugar, Emplex and coloring till creamy. Add the egg and mix well Work with the hands when combing flour to the creamy mixture. Allow the smooth pastry to rest for 30 minutes. The Glaze: Beat egg yolk with 2 drops of yellow-coloring Roll pastry to ¼ inches thickness. Cut with fluted cutter. Fill with pineapple jam. Glaze and bake in a pre-heated oven for 15-20 minutes (225 deg). Cool before storing.

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