The best Frittata this house has ever seen

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Chris' World-famous Frittata Recipe 

The key to a good Frittata is leftover potatoes. Baked, fried, scalloped, whatever (I prefer baked). They should be cooked once already and placed in the fridge for at least a night. The other ingredients you can make up as you go. I recommend, as a minimum, mushrooms, fresh spinach, onions, peppers, and bacon, but tomatoes, sausage, asparagus, zucchini, and the like are all good ideas. It's best to wait until you have a fridge full of leftovers, and then to simply throw everything in. 

1. Start by sauteeing your fresh ingredients with a little oil in an oven-safe pan. I use cast-iron, and it's great. Salt, pepper, garlic, or other spices are recommended at this point. If you have raw meat like bacon, cook it separately, then chop it up and add to the veggies. 

2. Throw in your (already-cooked) potatoes, and crisp them up a bit on the outside. 
Get the pan up to medium-high. Everything should now be hot, and you should have a thin coating of oil on the pan from all this frying. This is important so the eggs don't stick, but don't overdo it or it will be greasy. 

3. As this stuff was cooking, you should have beaten 8-10 eggs in a bowl with a splash of milk. Sometimes I'll mix in a large pinch of dehydrated dill. Maybe this should have been step 1.5. Oh well, do it up, and add this mixture to your vegetables on fairly high heat. The eggs should mostly cover your pan full of tasty ingredients. 

4. Cook, covered and without stirring, until the egg mixture starts to solidify around the edges. Be careful not to burn it, but it tastes great if it gets crispy where it touches the pan. This is all very subjective. 

5. When you think it's cooked fairly well, without burning, sprinkle whatever kind of grated cheese you can come up with all over the top. Sometimes it's nice to add diced tomatoes too. Put the whole pan into the oven at about 400-450 degrees, and cook until the cheese gets bubbly and the egg cooks through. Feel free to broil it for a few minutes to brown the top. Your eggs should rise somewhat, but not like a girlie-man quiche. 

6. When it's done, sprinkle generously with more dill, let it cool and serve with toast. 

7. Proclaim, out loud, and to anyone who will listen, that this is "the best frittata this house has ever seen." As you get better with each new incarnation, and more adventurous in your ingredient selection, this statement will almost certainly be true.

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