Baby Potatoes

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This is my replacement for those white refined flour things like white pasta and French bread. I'm staying away from the refined stuff. The small baby potatoes are creamy and starchy. The savory flavors and the richness of the oil make it a super yummy hot lunch or dinner side. Super basic I know.. it is the begining. Sometimes the simpler the better, right? Ingredients: Baby Yukon golds one inch size Olive oil S&P Garlic powder or fresh Sesame seeds Sunflower seeds Thin sliced almonds Cilantro A new Journey. I have always wanted to go vegetarian, for as long as I can remember. I have an omnivore Hubby and Child. The child already dislikes the meat, so he will be an easy one to convert. Hubby is more of a caveman in love with his grill. (No offence sweetheart) I have been on a role with it for some time now. I feel 20 lbs lighter and haven’t lost much weight, maybe 2-3 lbs. It is amazing how much lighter, healthier and happy I feel. I can move again. I don’t feel like I’m going to explode from bloat. I have always been light on the meat, but when the flood happened last month we were full time stressed out and exhausted. We relied on my mom running for take out everyday dinner and lunch. I ate what was handed to me. This went on for two weeks. I have never felt so awful in my life! Once I had my wits back about me and recovered from the stress and exhaustion I began a recovery food plan. I have been planning vegetarian meals for myself, and I recently turned to some online friends for support. What a great bunch of folks out there. I want to thank everyone for listening and giving me info and the confidence I needed to keep me going! I hope that the home front will come around and support me as well. My sister has been great, she actually got on board too but, she doesn’t live here. I hope her family embraces some change as well. Thank you and Such! Beth ***I am not proclaiming to "be" a vegetarian, I am trying to be one. I am also trying to keep dishes as vegan as possible. I do have a serious love of cheese. It is my undoing. And eggs work there way in here and there.... and honey. *****EDIT*****

The recipe: This is 1 serving. 10-14 oz. for main dish or 2 5-7oz servings as a side. 10oz baby white potatoes (1 inch round size) I found some at Dave’s (if you are a Rhody) this time around. “Bon Campo” in the mesh bag. Olive oil Enough to coat pan and potatoes. I used “Olave” EVOO found at whole foods. Cilantro 1/8 cup chopped fresh. Sunflower seeds (raw shelled), sesame seeds, thin sliced almonds & pignoli nuts. ¼ cup mixture of them. Sesame being the least amount. Garlic 2-3 fresh cloves and/or powdered. Wash and leave skin on potatoes, boil until tender. Apx 15 min. Drain Potatoes and make sure they “steam off” until they look dry on the outside. Slice them in half. Add oil to medium size frying pan, warm over medium heat. Add potatoes to pan with; garlic (I love a ton and used 2-3 cloves along with a sprinkle of garlic powder), salt and pepper. Sautee until lightly browned. Turn off heat and add the seed mix and the cilantro. Serve warm. I had this with Vina Borgia, a Grenache from The Savory Grape, in the shopping plaza with Dave’s Market at Division Rd. East Greenwich. It is in their " Great wines under $11" area at the front of the store. I haven't changed my wine drinking ways ;) Enjoy!

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