Bon Appetit!

by - 12:02 PM

Lately a project on food photography teaming up with another renowned photographer David Ng. So far we are happy shooting exclusive cuisines as we get to taste it after the session... Simple set-up. Just one studio lamp lighting through a diffuser (just tracing paper) from behind with a silver reflector from the opposite direction as fill. 2 small adjustable swivel mirrors carefully positioned and directed to reflect highlights on selected areas. The simulated color of white wine was created simply by adding a teaspoon of coke to water. Opening from Friday, 20th April 2012. Check it out and tell me about it. Serving hours : 11.30am to 3pm (lunch), 6pm -10pm (dinner). Le Petit Paradis is located at 125, East Coast Road @ Alibaba (opposite I12 Katong and Awfully Chocolate). Enjoy... pp: Topazlab for sharpening & color boost. Image Theft is a CRIME. Please REPORT IT like I do.

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