8 Essential Tips For Setting The Table

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If you are in the process of planning a dinner party, the following tips can help you create a lovely table setting.
1. The dishes that you choose should be a good match for the type of food that is being served. For instance, if you are serving a casual, down-home type of meal, country style plates are a great choice. To keep things simple, you may want to opt for white china instead. The clean, crisp look of this china is the perfect complement for any type of food. When shopping for china, try to look for a set that can be mixed and matched. This will make it easy to add additional pieces as needed in the future without having to worry about them looking out of place.

2. When purchasing your china, consider adding a few spare soup bowls to your set. Soup bowls can be used for a number of different purposes ranging from serving food to holding condiments.

3. In terms of glasses, it is generally best to stick with glass tumblers or traditional wine glasses. These two styles of glasses are versatile enough that you can serve whatever types of beverages you want in them whether you are hosting a formal or informal dinner.

4. Traditional tablecloths are always a great option, but so are contemporary ones too. However, don't be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to covering the table. For instance, you may be able to sew a beautiful vintage sheet into a one-of-a-kind tablecloth. Look for fabrics such as lace to add a rich, textural look to your table.

5. Use colorful cloth napkins to add visual interest to the table setting. You can even pair two napkins with colors or patterns that complement one another in each napkin ring to really make each place setting pop.

6. The table itself says a lot about the whole setting. A quality solid wooden table like those from Oak Furniture Company can set the right mood and really create that attractive luxurious feel

7. Don't feel like your dessert dishes have to match the rest of your dishes. This is one area where you can mix and match however you see fit. For ice cream or other liquid desserts, you can even use soup bowls. Alternatively, for a fancier look, try sticking with dainty plates or bowls. This helps dessert seem even more decadent and indulgent.

8. Coffee is the perfect after dinner beverage. To wind down after your meal, opt for either delicate French coffee cups or sturdy mugs depending on the overall tone of the dinner that you hosted.

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