Heavy cream: 150g
Glucose: 20g
Blueberry puree: 150g
Butter: 20g
Milk chocolate: 550g
Dark chocolate: 100g
Whiskey: 25g

  • Pour a thin layer of tempered dark chocolate on a guitar sheet or parchment paper. 
  • Immediately place a frame on top of the liquid chocolate. Let set.

  • Bring the cream, glucose, blueberry puree and butter to a boil. 
  • Allow to cool to a temperature of approximately 95°F. 
  • Add the tempered milk and dark chocolates and mix. To emulsify the mixture properly, it is best to use a hand blender. 
  • Immediately pour the ganache into the frame. 
  • Allow to cool for approximately 30 minutes. 
  • Use a guitar cutter to cut into desired dimensions. 
  • Bring the centers to room temperature before enrobing in dark chocolate.


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