Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolateeeeee Pancakes

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If you’ve watched the Sponge Bob, you probably remember this phrase. (I have tons of dub smash videos impersonating the sponge bob chocolate guy). Ok, maybe not something to brag with  But it is probably the best way to emphasize how much I love chocolate, (Ok the sponge bob guy is angry) I get excited by the mere mention of the word, but you get the analogy.

Chocolate Pancakes 
The internet is filled with chocolate recipes, and oftentimes when I am too tired to cook I just browse around to get some ideas for my next chocolate meal. On a late summer night I was doing my nights research when I stumbled across …Oh my God, there were so many mouthwatering recipes in one place. To be honest sometimes I get dizzy from scrolling, so I’ve decided to search meals by category, and since lately I have been hooked on pancakes, I decided to narrow my search down to pancakes. And boy was I right to do this, the best American pancake collection abounds with tasty recipes including my favorite chocolate ones!

The Chocolate Pancakes with Chocolate Sauce, Strawberries and Bananas are definitely on the top of my list (for now). What I loved was the sweetness of the chocolate that pairs perfectly together with that sweet and savory strawberry taste, and for some extra savory touch I replaced the banana for raspberries. A mouthful of happiness is what I call it! I haven’t enjoyed in a meal like this in a while.

Double Chocolate Pancakes

Double chocolate, double the trouble… Or not? Well it depends. If you are referring to my stomach ache after I’ve finished eating a dozen of these pancakes then it is a trouble….But if you were thinking of going to the trouble of making them, as in the difficulty level of preparation, you, my friends are mistaken. This recipe makes use of cake mix, so the only thing you have to do is just stir everything together, make a batch, cook it and eat some pancakes. Yes, that easy!

While at the double chocolate pancakes theme, it would be unfair if I didn’t share the next recipe with you…If you are a Reese’s enthusiast, like I am, then you will definitely love the Reese’s syrup and double chocolate pancakes recipe. Reese’s are the main star of the chocolate syrup, but you can always add some more on top, which makes this recipe, the perfect one for anyone who loves these peanut butter cups.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading these recipes, what I hope even more, is that I have given you some new ideas for your next chocolate inspired pancake recipe.

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