The Fairest Pink Pancakes of Them All

by - 6:41 AM

You girls all remember the time when pink was your favorite color, right? I mean, there is no girl in the world (ok, maybe two or three) that did not find this color the fairest of them all for at least a period in her life. My daughter is two and she is absolutely assured that this is the best color for her dresses, toys, bed sheets and all. I was even forced to promise that her very own room will have pink walls, curtains and carpets. I am about to start redecorating it but I find the idea of a totally pink room a bit creepy. But that’s just me.

Pink Pancakes

I am aware of the fact that this pink obsession has just begun. We buy pink things wherever we go, we draw pink princess dresses whenever we can. She is so happy when she sees something pink, it’s so adorable. The only non-pink thing that has a pass in our home is Elsa from Frozen :)

The idea for pink pancakes was born from this worship of my daughter’s. I love seeing a smile on her face, so I decided to surprise her with pink pancakes for breakfast. I struggled with ideas, since I didn’t want to use food coloring. My thorough search took me to MyGreatRecipes where I found a bunch of amazing and creative ideas. 

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