Savory Pancakes, the Best Breakfast for Lunch

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When it comes to eating breakfast, there is one thing I, and half of America, cannot go without. The fluffy, soft, round beauties that go by the name of pancakes! I think we can all agree that a morning is much more bearable with a stack of fluffiness to keep you going. Now, how about turning this breakfast favorite into a lunch favorite?

Why Pancakes for Lunch

I am not saying that pancakes should become your number one lunch dish, but they are a great change of pace from the regular lunch recipes.

Don’t let the savory part discourage you into thinking savory homemade pancakes cannot be good because believe me, they can! I wouldn’t trade my maple syrup buttermilk hotcake for anything in the world, up until I saw, and prepared these scrumptious recipes.

In case you were wondering where do I get them from, there is this new food app available, called MyGreatRecipes and it is filled with all sorts of delicious recipes, among which the ones for savory pancakes don’t fall behind.

Pancake Recipes for the Ultimate Savory Experience

When it comes to savory pancakes, there is one thing I always like adding: bacon. Either folded into the batter, or diced and used as a topping, or even sliced and fried and plated aside. The great thing about bacon is it pairs perfectly well with all sorts of herbs and vegetables. For instance, you can go about and prepare the pancakes themselves by incorporating previously cooked shallots and thyme into the batter.

But, if you are tired of the same old, same old recipes, you can go for one that is unlike any pancake recipe you have ever set to prepare. Why is this you ask? Well, because it is a Japanese recipe and the pancake batter is cabbage based! This is a great way to repurpose your leftover cabbage, and the best part is, the recipe itself doesn’t call for any particular ingredients, but you can combine them to your preference. In fact, the name Okonomiyaki means to your own taste, so you can’t go wrong, as long as you have some soy sauce to dip them in, and chopsticks to eat with.

Another one of my favorite savory pancake recipes is the one for the Boxty or the Irish pancake. The versatile ingredients complement the potato taste so well, that you will be grateful for every single bite. Again, the best part is you can experiment with the ingredients, and you can again use a leftover from the day before (mashed potatoes). Mayonnaise, sour cream and Worcestershire sauce are just a few of the condiments you can add in, and you will definitely enjoy a lunch like you have never had before. Believe me, for I should know!

Go ahead and give one of these lunch appropriate recipes a try, you won’t regret it!

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