Eat and Stay Fit: Prepare a Cucumber Salad!

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Spring is here, which means the sun is here! And this my friends, is the time to start re-thinking your eating habits. You won’t need that extra layer of fat to keep you warm in the cold winter days, and refreshing meals are all you need! In fact, ditch everything fatty, greasy and unhealthy because summer will fly in in no time!

The other day I was looking for recipes for salads and stumbled upon a great blog post on How to Make Healthy and Fun Cucumber Salads, and it was when I decided to try out every cucks salad in the book!

Why You Should Eat Cucumbers

Besides being incredibly fresh, cucumbers have a lot of benefits for our overall well-being. A fact, I must admit, I wasn’t aware of. To me, cucumbers are just water packed in a green package . Turns out, though, I wasn’t really wrong, cucumbers belong to the melon family, as in so who would have thought that preparing a cucumber salad means preparing a fruit salad, at least that’s what you can tell yourselves if you are craving something other than that.

The most important thing about cucumbers is they don’t contain any fat. Yup, you’ve read it right, zero fat!

If this isn’t enough, they have great antioxidant power and are a natural diuretic. So, say bye-bye to all the toxins that make your tummy bloat.

Haven’t you noticed that beauty salons use cucumbers to apply them on your eyes when applying a facial mask? Well, this is so because of their power to soothe irritations, redness, and even relieve sunburn.

How to Prepare the Best Cucumber Salad

There are hundreds of cucumber salad recipes out there, and choosing only one is truly a struggle!

The easiest cucumber salad recipe will include peeled and sliced cucumbers with a little bit of salt, some olive oil, and vinegar. A simple, yet incredibly tasty and refreshing recipe.

A slightly more complicated cucumber salad recipe, but also great for maintaining or lowering the weight numbers, is a recipe that contains low-fat yoghurt. You can dice your peeled cucumber into really small dices and mix them with reduced-fat yogurt. Add a pinch of salt, some fresh herbs (basil, dill, or mint), and you have a lunch worthy salad that will keep you full longer than the simple cucumber salad. One more thing you can add to your cucumber salad recipe to take it up a notch is adding nuts. Walnuts, pines, and peanuts work perfectly well. Regardless of whether you want the vinaigrette-y, or the creamy version, you can just as easily add these nuts for a better texture and more flavor.

Go ahead and prepare yourselves a tasty salad. Salads are great to eat them as they are, but they are also great as a complement to the main course. So, find your favorite cucumber salad recipe and enjoy a flavorful, satiating, and weight loss promoting meal!

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