Pork Chops Were Never This Juicy!

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Who can say no to a dinner comprised of a juicy meat? If you are looking for a recipe that will satiate your hungry family, then a pork chops recipe is your best bet!

How to Prepare the Best Pork Chops?
Although this is a very tasty dinner option, many people tend to avoid preparing pork chops because more often than not they end up with chewy overcooked pork chops and think that going through all the trouble is just not worth their while.

Well, I think otherwise! And I am not that good of a cook! Honestly, I don’t know what would have I done if it weren’t for the internet. There are so many tips, tricks and recipes that will help you, that you can’t go wrong. Be them Baked, Fried or Grilled, The Best Quick and Easy Recipes for Pork Chops are waiting for you just around the corner (that is on the very next food website).

Brining the pork chops is crucial! Since pork chops are very lean, they tend to dry out when cooked. To ensure a juicy result, prepare the simplest salt brine and soak the meat in it for several hours to an overnight. And you don’t have to confine yourselves to salt only, feel free to add other seasonings. Garlic, fresh herbs, lemon, and peppercorns will do a great job in the flavor department.

The next step is also one that you shouldn’t skip. Prior to placing the pork chops in the oven give them a good sear in a skillet. Sear them for approximately 3 minutes on each side or until the undersides of the chops are seared golden.

Once you’ve done this, place them in the oven and cook for around 10 minutes. The temperature your meat thermometer should register is 140°F to 145°F in the thickest part.

What to Serve the Pork Chops With

Once your pork chops are cooked, you WILL be tempted (and you’ve been warned!) to serve immediately because of their lovely aroma. Refrain yourselves though! A five-minute wait is nothing compared to the satisfaction you will get when tasting a delicious, moist bite! you can use the pan juices to top the pork chops with, but there are also many pork chop recipes that call for a sauce or gravy.

Mushroom Sauce

Mushrooms have always gone hand in hand with meat cuts. So, go ahead and choose your favorite mushrooms (I like the cremini mushrooms) and use them to prepare a great mushroom sauce (The internet abounds with different sauces, but you can also make one on your own).

Cherry Salsa

If you want a sauce that will complement any pork chop recipe, then the cherry salsa is just what you need. It is not at all spicy, it is sweet and sour and it will definitely enhance the flavor of your meat.

Wine Sauce

The last suggestion includes my favorite- wine! White wine combined with leeks, chicken stock, and lemon zest will make a rich sauce to go with your perfect juicy pork chops!

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