Roti John, Singapore

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This video shows how the original Roti John is made. I had been thinking about this Malay food when memories about my childhood begins. In my Secondary school canteen, there is a Malay foodstall that sells the regular items like Mee Rebus, Mee Siam, Nasi Lemak etc. But on a day when we have ECA (extra-curricular activities), we tend to get hungrier so a heavy rich Roti John really helps. The name 'John' in the Malay dish was from the common form of address for Caucasians. This dish was innovated by Mr Shukor (the grandfather of the lady in this video, Sufiah Nordiyana). Roti simply means 'bread' which in this case, the local version of 'French loaf' is used. This dish consists of minced chicken, sliced onions and egg when served in our school. To me the secret sauce is the magic!

More about the Origin of Roti John

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