The Alphabet was Never this Delicious and Pancakes are to Blame!

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If the title got you intrigued into reading this text, then yaaay me! I thought the other day that a list of my favorite pancakes that follows the alphabetical order. Almost all of the recipes mentioned here come from the greatest collection of pancakes in the world the Best American Pancake Recipes – Quick, Easy and Delicious - MyGreatRecipes. I love the list so much that I have printed it out and put it on the fridge. It all turned out into a pretty fun game the randomly choose the pancake recipe for the day with your eyes closed. Wherever the finger stops that’s the recipe I am going for that day.

# 1 Pancake Recipes from MyGreatRecipes

Since I love order, I had to put some order into this list as well. So for that purpose, I have grouped the pancake recipes into 5 groups each containing 5 recipes, with the exception of the last one, of course, since our alphabet contains 26 letters . So, without any further ado, here you have them:

Apple - these pancakes are great not only because they are tasty, but also for all of the health benefits that apples can provide us with. Not to mention that you can use grated, sliced or even apple rings dipped in the batter.

Banana - who said bananas were only reserved for banana bread, go ahead and try one of the many banana pancake recipes and get your potassium levels up!

Carrot - if you love carrot cake then you will surely love the recipe for the carrot cake pancakes. I mean what’s there not to love? A scrumptious bite of a well-loved dessert turned into a pancake!

Dutch Baby - the Dutch baby is a must try recipe! So easy and quick, and the result is so deliciously crispy on the edges and tender in the middle that you will want to prepare these every day! You can serve them with all sorts of fruits and berries, as well as with maple syrup, honey, and butter.
Eggless - go for one of the recipes that make use of flaxseed eggs. The recipe for these is simple: just add a tablespoon of flaxseed and the same amount of water, whip up, put it in the fridge and in 15 minutes you have yourselves the fake egg for your eggless pancakes.

# 2 Pancake Recipes
Flourless - just like there are eggless pancakes, there are also the flourless ones. In fact, flour can be replaced by bananas and the result will be just as scrumptious!

Grain - the three grain pancakes from MyGreatRecipes are a must try!

Healthy - make any regular pancake recipe healthier by simply replacing all-purpose flour with whole wheat or almond and coconut flour and swapping dairy milk for one of the vegan versions.

Individual - the most convenient way of eating pancakes is precisely this one. Make individual puff pancakes and top each one with whatever toppings you want.

Jam - jam is always a good idea! Spread it over your pancakes, or crepes and enjoy!

# 3 Pancake Recipes

Kale - prepare yourselves some pancakes packed with green veggies (kale included), say bye-bye to refined sugar, and enjoy a satiating and scrumptious bite!

Lemon - for a vitamin C infusion and a little bit of sourness to your sweet pancakes feel free to add lemon in the 2 forms it can be added to a batter: its zest and its juice. Lemon pairs perfectly well with poppy seeds, so don’t be afraid to use them as well!

Marshmallow pancakes - give the good old s’more pancakes a go. There is nothing like a cracker crumbs pancake with marshmallow fluff on top. Yum! Nutella - now, who can resist Nutella? You can either spread it on your pancakes or even stuff them with Nutella.

Oreo - and how about crushed Oreos in the batter, in the whipped cream between each pancake, and then some more on top? Go ahead and search for the Double Stuff Oreo Pancakes.

# 4 Pancake Recipes

Peanut butter - are you in for a decadent, rich and yet healthy (ok healthier than most) pancake spread? Peanut butter is all you need! Quinoa - if you need a protein and fiber boost, you have to have a pancake recipe that calls for quinoa up your sleeve.

Rainbow - definitely the prettiest and most fun of the lot. You can make them either with food coloring or some fruit gelatin powder.

Scallion - before you make a yucky face, you should know that the recipe for the Chinese scallion pancakes is one of my personal favorites! Dip them in soy sauce and enjoy!

Tapioca flour - this flour is made of a starch extracted from the cassava root and it is great for perfecting both sweet and savory pancakes, scrumptious and good for you. How can anything beat that?

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