The History of Food Revolution

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Food has been evolved alongside all human history; it has been an unrecognized force shaping many of the robust and distinct customs that are seen globally. This unsung hero is enjoyed by and sometimes revered by all classes due not only to the nutritional value, but also to the range of emotions tied into a particular culinary experience. On one hand a person may experience nostalgia felt from times gone on whilst simultaneously enjoying the current experience and looking towards a bright future.

In human history the idea of a sweet treat/dessert was applied in a very different manner. Using chocolate as an example, in ancient South American cultures, it was only reserved for the royal family or for the army marching into battle. In ancient Mesopotamian and Asian cultures, sweet treats were used as offerings to the gods. Thankfully with the Industrial Revolution and the rise in global trade, desserts are available to everyone at a reasonable price.

The Cake Revolution

Eating is not only done with the tongue, there are ways to arrange a dessert to allow for the eyes to be a part of the experience. For every idea and concept, there is a recipe with a distinct flavor to match. Great baking connoisseurs have found ways to combine new and seemingly opposite favors into designs which can be considered as edible works of art.

A Frozen Treat

Creamy, cool, sweet and historic; ice cream dates back to Ancient China and the Roman Empire. Due to the lack of modern refrigeration ice cream was made using freshly fallen snow and was mixed using fruits with honey. The ice cream sundae as we know it today was actually created by random circumstance. A store owner did not have any cream and he improvised using a scoop of ice cream instead. Thanks to his blunder ice cream sundaes are enjoyed globally in every combination and flavor that can be imagined.

Liquid Remedies

The idea of juicing can be found in scrolls dating back to 150 B.C. The original recipes utilized crushed figs and pomegranate to give “profound strength and subtle form”. Juices are not only a cooling down mechanism; there are many health benefits to be derived. Depending on the fruit or vegetable, adjusting the temperature may denature the enzymes found within these foods. The uses and combinations of all natural fruits and vegetables give the body an au natural sugar in the form of fructose. The fructose combined with the fibers found in natural foods is better absorbed and used by the body. Sucrose on the other hand, found in most processed foods, spikes the blood sugar level without adding nutrients. Juicing can be delicious and sweet way to absorb macronutrients and micronutrients without adding low or empty calories.

Food customs are an edible form of history that is constantly growing and changing with each era of human development. The use of food as a form of bonding is an experience that connects the modern world with the days of old.

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