Gluten-Free Cornflakes Cookie Crunch Recipe

by - 8:32 AM

This is a super easy party favour idea. It could also serve as an after-meal dessert or as an appetiser. I make these quite regularly and today I gave a go at the Gluten Free version.

So the key ingredients are milk chocolate and the cornflakes. What you simply need to do is prepare the tempered chocolate by melting 3/4 of it in a double-boil pot. Once the 3/4 portion is melted, lift it off the boiling water, and add in the 1/4 chocolate, continue to stir till all is melted with a light consistency. After it is slightly cool, add in the Gluten-Free corn flakes. Coat all the cornflakes and using two teaspoons, fill up the paper baking cups liners til full and let it set on natural temperature, we are having 16 deg C now so we just put it near the opened window :)

Top it with some of your favourite coloured pearls and there you are, enjoy!

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