Handmade Noodles - Singapore

by - 9:57 AM

These noodles are handmade with flour, salt, water and egg. It is a very easy to make noodles I must say. The thing is, I have a pasta machine that I also use it to make lasagne pasta sheets, tagliatelle pasta, udon and pasta of any kind (so to speak) :) This particular noodles is cooked with sliced chicken, braised mushrooms, lettuce and a special chilli sauce that I handcarried from Singapore. The sauce is actually a gift from my cousin and my youngest aunt. It is a special blend (also handmade with chilli, chilli padi, garlic, vinegar, parsley and some herbs). I've also added Japanese miri and soya sauce. This is how it looked, and most of all it was very delicious. Hope you like it too.

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