Miffy Cafe in Singapore

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Miffy is one of my daughter's favorite character and when my old friend since primary school days Hui Ling suggested to go to this pop-up cafe, I agreed immediately. Usually, for pop-up thematic cafes like this, we didn't really expect too much on the taste (quality) of the food, we knew that it is all about the consumption of the PACKAGING and visual entertainment of the entire experience.

I wouldn't say the prices are valued as most of the beverages are priced from 12 dollars. Mains and desserts are themed around Miffy, who is the Dick Bruna's most popular character in more than 30 of his books. I like Miffy and her adventures as her stories revolve around positive attitudes. The food stylist of this limited-time menu is Little Miss Bento (her real name Shirley Wong). I've personally tried the Splashing Good Fun Japanese Seafood Curry Rice ($24.90, that's like 15.60 Eur). The curry is not really spicy but more towards the mild Japanese curry. It was served with Japanese rice, fish kamaboko (fish cake), steamed broccoli, cheese stars, breaded calamari, breaded ebi, breaded scallop and fresh tempura salmon. It was delightfully crunchy and wasn't greasy. I have ''a little can't bear to mess up Miffy" feeling before consuming it especially the rice parts.

It isn't a very filling main dish, so I've also ordered the very adorable Sunny Salted Egg-Yolk Fries ($11.90 equivalent to 7.45 Eur). A creamy salt egg-yolk side dip comes along with it, and it was rather a small portion of held slices of fried potatoes (fries) sprinkled with salted egg-yolk cereal crunch. It comes in a paper box holder decorated with Miffy cartoons. I liked that they gave a few Miffy-shaped ones.

Peek-A-Boo Miffy BLT ($17.90) is BLT with toasted bread, cheddar cheese slice, fresh tomato, crunch lettuce, teddy cheese, bacon and ham served with fries and egg-yolk dip.

My 5.5 Year old daughter ordered the Chocolate Lava Cake ($16.90) and actually what she was eying on was the fluffy cotton candy. The whole cafe has the vibe absolutely enhanced with Miffy theme decor, the Miffy soft toy is intentionally placed for photos.

Iced Latte


Yuzu Soda Drink

Lychee Soda and Salted-Egg Yolk Fries

Miffy Lychee Soda ($14.90) is actually a large Miffy head made of cotton candy sat on a glass of syrup. They were very thoughtful to have provided a large plate underneath to catch any messy spillovers.

Chocolate Cake

Iced Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Miffy-themed table decor

Salted Caramel Cake

Orange Cake

Miffy pop-up cafe (Halal) opens in Singapore at Kumoya Singapore and for a limited period, from 5 October till 28 January 2018.

8 Jalan Klapa Singapore 199320
Opening Hours: 12:00pm – 9:30pm (Tue – Fri, Sun), 12:00pm – 10.30pm (Sat), Closed Mon

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